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At FINRA Tutor Series 65 - Our Main goal is to provide you with all off the recourses available in order for you to achieve a successful


Tutoring Packages

Text Prep software materials: Kaplan, STC, Achievable + many more

Memory Flash Cards.

On line Video Courses.

Multiple sets of Practices Mock Examinations.

A variety of Assorted CLIFF Notes.

FINRA Test Specification Break-down by each question.

Plus much more

For Test Takers experiencing the side effects from

ADD / ADHD - Test Taking Anxiety -  Dyslexia, OCD, 

Perfectionism,  Busy schedule - Multiple failed attempts - lack of Focus. ETC. 

We provide :

2 Hour Test taking "Anxiety Control" Session.

2 Hour "Content Readiness"  Session.

90 Minute Tips & Tricks Session.  

One on One Tutoring per hour.

Attention FINRA "Test Takers"
These are some of our
Tutoring Packages

Test Takers Familiar with FINRA EXAMINATIONS. 

For Test Takers new to the Industry that are very nervous about not passing their examination.

If you have taken the test multiple times, If your job is on the line, if you will be demoted to a different department.  if the consequences of not passing the test are enormous. 

If you are a Busy Executive, a CEO,  a Manager at a private wealth, brokerage firm and insurance company. and someone in your team has to be successful at obtaining their license certification  with in a specific deadline. this is the plan for you.

Anxiety Control | Fear: (Fight, Fly, Freeze)  Test taking Strategy: (process of elimination running out of time). Focus stamina, Unwrapping the questions and much more.

We place priority on the sections that have the most questions on the examination. we learn to answer the questions by the level of difficulty and by the provability of being tested. 

Mastering test taking strategies involves many different applications:  The process of elimination,  marking for review, , running out of time, changing your answers, misreading questions. etc.

Listening to your specific objectives, ongoing question and answer, and continue support.

Onboarding Strategy, program selection, expected test date, numbers of required sessions, quantifiable results, achievable deadlines, teaching, coaching and confidence booster.

Corporate Accounts
Private Wealth, Brokerage Firms and Insurance Companies
" Tutoring Services"

Set up a Free Zoom Phone call  -  We can establish travel and group participation.

Online Group Zoom Tutoring for the SIE and Series 65  -     Multiple Zoom Participants

ADHD - Test Taking Anxiety

ADHD/ ADD/ Dyslexia

ADHD | Test Taking Anxiety | Dyslexia

I am ADHD. I totally understand our challenges and difficulties. I love what I do and it gives me a great sense of purpose to equipped others for success

Fear of the repercussions from not passing the test

 Fear of the repercussions from not passing the test

With a lot of my students, the consequences of not passing the examination generates more anxiety. For Ex. Loosing a Job!

Lack Of Focus

Lack of Focus during the test

To be able to answer 100's of questions in one sitting can be overwhelming.

Multiple failed attempts

 Multiple failed attempts

Professional testing some times it requires: Text taking Skills and Anxiety Control.



Part of a set of multiple choice questions is knowing how to eliminate the wrong answers and develop intuition for the right one  

No time to Study

No time to Study

Having someone with a proven plan, clear direction, homework and accountability can be an efficient way to get a positive result. 

  Mark M Cohen

Mark Mauricio Cohen Owner "FINRA tutor series 65"

As an online tutor at Tutor Series 65

I help aspiring financial professionals pass their SIE, Series 65, 66, and 63 exams with confidence and ease.


I have over three years of experience in online tutoring, with over 2,500 hours with Varsity tutors and Wyzant

I currently hold the Series 65,Life and Health and the SIE.


Formally I was licensed as a Series 7 at Morgan Stanley and a Real Estate Broker as an owner of a franchise.


In addition to online tutoring, I also work as an ADHD life coach and a TEDx public speaking coach.

I specialize in helping clients with test-taking anxiety and ADHD achieve their goals.

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